Monday, January 25, 2010

My feet!!!!!!

As an aging woman who loves to have nice things, I have looked with great interest at the style mags and the style websites and the style shows. I wonder how the latest styles can work for me and my generation, thick or thin. There are some truly beautiful styles out there among the outlandish get-ups. There are fabrics that are to die for. There are handbags that are stylish and some that will stand the test of time. There is a huge amount of jewelry, fashion and otherwise, to enhance any woman. Then there are the shoes. I think that is what those hideous stilleto things are called. For some reason the style masters think they can design shoes. I say leave the shoe designs to those who can actually do it.

I have long heard that shoes with a lot going on in the front shorten the look of the leg. So why are there so many shoes out there that try to look like boots. And please someone, tell me why these heavy looking shoes are being worn with beautiful and diaphenous fabrics. I can almost see it. The woman doesn't feel as if she is dressed without name brand footwear. The fact that the shoes don't go with the outfit or with her body or with her destination doesn't mean a thing. Individuality has replaced taste and good looks.

Then there is the OH MY FEET! I am totally unable to wear a 4 inch heel. They are not even comfortable to sit in. I saw that on Fergie the other day and it made her feet and legs look like she had cankles. The 4 inch and above heel is not the only way to look sexy or elegant. As a matter of fact, trying to walk in the high heel is decidedly not elegant without tons of practice. And I won't do it, I just won't!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lately I have found myself allowing age and increasing aches and pains to tell me what I can and cannot do. When reading a magazine article on marriage and relationships, I came across the idea that I wouldn't allow a man to tell me how I can live my life. That is, of course, after 23 years of doing just that.

I have decided that the concept of self-determination should apply to all parts of my life. I am almost 65, have spinal stenosis, am fat, and have a tendency to give up. I have long had a problem with memory and focus. I am allowing age, health, fat, and past behavior to decide how I spend the rest of my life.

I've plowed through magazines and books. I have googled till I'm googled out. I've looked through every nutrition book I can find. And none of these sites has shown me the way to easily fix the above problems. So I am looking now to see what I can do about the next 30 years. Yup, I plan to live at least 30 more years.

Often the diet plans say tell everyone you know that you are on a diet. But every time I tell people that I am dieting, I feel like a worse fool when I fail. So I am forced to attempt to get this TCB plan away from my friends and family. I still need a forum for bitching and for savoring my successes. Guess what!!!!!!!!!! This is a perfect forum. When I accomplish things I will add them to my blog where I can see them for a long time. And if there is a chore that I cannot complete to my satisfaction I can share it with the other bloggers who choose to see my writings. That way I can continue to hold my head high in front of friends and family and hopefully will not be tempted to cease my efforts.

For a long time now I have been doing a great deal of reading. Mostly mysteries that include a job, a hobby, or other genre specific pursuit. I read books by women. I find that the female point of view is preferable. However, I am saddened by some of the books. One such series includes a woman who is not happy about her weight. Every time she is offered any food, this author has her initially refuse and then indulge. She uses food as a way to feel better when she is unhappy, etc. What do think when I read this? I stubbornly see her as a failure and as someone with no self esteem. By the way, did I mention that I'm fat? And of course I didn't get that way by having a huge dose of self esteem and by turning down good food. That means that the tendencies that this character has are things I consider character flaws. I have them all. Time to look into the mirror and see the truth. Damn.