Monday, January 13, 2014

Judy's big new year

I finally got approved for the sleeve surgery which will occur on Feb. 24. I'm trying to get emotionally ready for it. It only took 6 weeks for the insurance company to realize they are carrying my insurance next year and give the go ahead. So in the meantime, it took 6 weeks for the flooring I ordered to be located and sent to town. It comes tomorrow and is supposed to be installed next week. And I lost a crown and have an appt with the dentist Wed. I hope he'll pull the danged thing. And my honey's grandmother died. And our computer broke down and the repair person doesn't seem to be able to fix it. So my honey, who is a big gamer, has been out of sorts in a major way. So he works in a building with no heat and holes and is on the river and Tues of last week it was six degrees inside and he came home early. No computer. Geesh. It's only Jan 13 and I may be tired of 2014 already.