Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love is where you find it

I love Spring. I love 60's and 70's music. I love trees. I love lakes, oceans, wind, dogs, cats, eating fish, colorful flowers, floral scents, green plants, mountains, streams, blue skies, the sounds of the ocean, learning, reading, making things, my children and grandchildren, my wonderful partner, big strong trucks, the 1961 E Jaguar convertible, the Volks bug convertible, finding a bargain, lots and lots of jewelry, handbags, shoes, good health, a beautiful smile(like Brian's), Forsythia, a ride in the country, going out to eat, having a good hair day, having a good day in general, my friends, and color, lots of color. I love being almost 65 years old. After all I am still alive to say it. I love being a mother. I love having lost 14 pounds. I love rain, in almost all forms. I love storms.

I love having a long list of things to enjoy in my life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The diet

I am bombarded with diet info and ads touting a new, secret way to a flat belly, quick weight loss, getting into a size 2, etc. If I eat food that comes by delivery (no, not pizza) I can lose weight quickly and easily. If I just eat a bar, I'll be so full I can't eat much. If my total gym, works, I can look like a famous model.

Alas, I don't like exercise even to look like a model, (like that could really happen). I can't afford losing 20 lbs for $20 plus the cost of food. By the way the food is super expensive; I tried it. If there were a really good, easy way to get a flat belly someone would patent it and make millions.

The exercise equipment offered is unbelievable. There is one where you kneel on a machine and swing your butt around. There is one where you hold a limber stick and move it up and down. There is the rubber band machine, the walking machine, the climbing machine and I understand there is a push to bring back the vibrating machine. (Supposedly it breaks up fat.) And there is a machine you wear that stimulates muscle contractions. Now that looks great till I look at the 6 inches of belly fat that are laying over the small stomach muscles that I have. That would take a ton of electricity.

There are rubber bands, tubes, rubber balls, steps, weights, pulleys, straps, medicine balls, DVD's, etc. There is the Firm, Pilates, free weights, dance, and many more of the types of exercise programs.

The latest info from health and exercise magazines says that 50% of adults in the USA are obese. Many are morbidly obese. Billions are spent on clubs, and more on equipment. And half of us are obese.

I WENT ON A DIET 3 WEEKS AGO AND I HAVE LOST 8 POUNDS. And I don't own any of the things I have talked about. I cut out fast food and cut way down on fats. Ha!