Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lots on the plate lately

I have been inducted into the group of folks who have spent time applying to the Social Security Administration for benefits. I found it interesting that they actually seemed fairly well organized and that they knew what they were doing. Anyway I had been told to apply on my former husband's number since I had been a stay at home mom and had a very spotty work record. I found I could apply before age 65 as long as he is 65. And I had to have been married to him for 10 years. I had that beat by 13 years. His wages were much higher than I have ever made and I will receive more benefits by using his earnings. At last I receive something from that union. At last.

Also I have been in the dentist office a lot lately. It seems teeth don't always age well even if you brush regularly. I am going to get a cantilever bridge made for my back tooth that was pulled. I thought cantilevers were only done on houses. OK I learned something.

My daughter and I are both doing the trying to lose weight thing. She is in Jacksonville and I am in Knoxville. So the phone is really going to get a workout. But I find myself much more dedicated to the diet because I will have someone to talk to about it and to answer to. I am such a nonstarter. Wish us luck!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


This weekend we set the clocks forward by one hour. I am not losing sleep over it however. I am losing sleep over the coming shorts season. There are not many things that could get me outside to tan but hiding fat is one of them. I have heard that dark colors are slimming. So I figure that the darker I get the thinner I will look. Do you believe that? I thought not.

The doctor will be proud of me. I have not gained any more on the triglicerides scale. Sunday I will weigh on the bathroom scale. I am working with my daughter to lose some weight. I really need to do it even though the thought of dieting is totally abhorrent to me. I will not publish my weight but starting Sunday I will use this blog as a way to blow off steam, share trials, and recipes. And I'll not lie to the super folks who tune in. Damn, I wish I could get out of this. I am one of the folks that can focus for 2 minutes and then I chase butterflies. This will be a real challenge.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This old body

When the doctor checked my cholesterol the other day the nurse called and said the triglicerides were way out of whack. It is such a bummer to say goodbye to bacon and mayo and margerine/butter. And when I went on the internet to find out what is best to eat for the problem, the majority of sites want to sell me something and not tell me much. So I came to the only solution I could. I bought a Wii.