Thursday, November 22, 2012

Less Stress is a gift

Holiday Stress. Since becoming an adult it has been a joy killer every year. There are some ways to change that. When I was younger, I was busy cooking and entertaining family and though I loved it, I did stress over it. Now there isn't any more family to feed and I'm stressing about what I don't have. What a catch-22. So I checked out possible aids to joy. Here from MSN Healthy Living are:

  • Find support. People facing difficult family situations should set aside time to spend with their friends. Those who feel isolated or alone should take advantage of resources in their community or volunteer their time at a local charity.
  • Get some alone time. Even a 15-minute break can help you relax and relieve stress. Taking a brisk walk or getting some exercise can significantly improve your mood.
  • Set limits. You can't do everything, so do only what you enjoy. Allow friends and family members to share their ideas about what they would like to do during the holidays.
  • Reduce shopping stress. Set a budget and do not spend more than you intend. Don't let guilt, competitiveness or perfectionism send you on more shopping excursions than you would like.
  • Enlist help. Let your friends and family contribute to the holiday preparations.
  • Be realistic. Don't set your holiday expectations too high. Allow your loved ones to be themselves and set any conflicts aside for another time.
  • Reflect on the past. Honor and remember loved ones who have passed away.
  • Be organized. Plan meals, shopping lists and other activities in advance so you have more time to enjoy the holidays.
  • Remember what's important. Spend some time focusing on family, religious beliefs or traditions. 
I'm sure there are some others that people use. I'm going for a walk in the woods this weekend. Nature always helps me. Let's have a good, safe Holiday Season.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

I tried and tried

Antioxidant function of CoQ10

The antioxidant nature of CoQ10 derives from its energy carrier function. As an energy carrier, the CoQ10 molecule is continually going through an oxidation-reduction cycle. As it accepts electrons, it becomes reduced. As it gives up electrons, it becomes oxidized. In its reduced form, the CoQ10 molecule holds electrons rather loosely, so this CoQ molecule will quite easily give up one or both electrons and, thus, act as an antioxidant.[11] CoQ10 inhibits lipid peroxidation by preventing the production of lipid peroxyl radicals (LOO). Moreover, CoQH2 reduces the initial perferryl radical and singlet oxygen, with concomitant formation of ubisemiquinone and H2O2. This quenching of the initiating perferryl radicals, which prevent propagation of lipid peroxidation, protects not only lipids, but also proteins from oxidation. In addition, the reduced form of CoQ effectively regenerates vitamin E from the a-tocopheroxyl radical, thereby interfering with the propagation step. Furthermore, during oxidative stress, interaction of H2O2 with metal ions bound to DNA generates hydroxyl radicals and CoQ efficiently prevents the oxidation of bases, in particular, in mitochondrial DNA.[11] In contrast to other antioxidants, this compound inhibits both the initiation and the propagation of lipid and protein oxidation. It also regenerates other antioxidants such as vitamin E. The circulating CoQ10 in LDL prevents oxidation of LDL, which may provide benefit in cardiovascular diseases.

I read and reread and pondered this explanation. I have high cholesterol. I read somewhere that CoQ10 would help. Especially since I'm tired all the time and since my lipids are all over the map. Finally I hit on a solution to my problem of understanding of this explanation. It helps. It keeps some things from breaking down and keeps some things setting up. It regenerates some. And I'm going to try it. A trip to the drug store is in order.

I also have recently begun to see some changes to my body which accompany my change in diet. I've been getting salads from the fast food places. It's actually cheaper than buying all of the stuff and making my own. I use a dinner salad for 2 or 3 meals. For $6. Anyway, I'm still not eating enough fruits and veggies but I'm improving. I found a couple of great salads at Wendy's. Got to go there tonight.

I got a flu shot which gave me a reaction. I found out that that has happened a lot because of the combination of flu strains it works on. I got a prescription for a shingles shot but after so many people started getting sick and dying from steroid shots here in Tennessee, I decided to wait. But sooooon.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's a hard time

AllergiesI've had a hard time with the allergic season this Fall. I love Fall but there are times I'd just as soon skip the whole thing. I sometimes have trouble telling the difference between allergies and a cold. That is the way the allergies act in my body. I'm prone to being stopped up, coughing, sneezing, and being really tired. A cold right? Not necessarily. And if it's gone the next day, it must have been allergies.

In East Tennessee we have one of the allergy capitals of the world. I'm sure other folks think the same about their homes. But even the doctors here seem to think it's true. And I'm doing what I can to make it better. One of the things I can't do is drink orange juice(diabetes), use honey and lemon for the cough, and use a lot of antihistamines. My blood pressure is fine right now but it has been high and the best ones say to be careful.

So I'm into making myself feel better in other ways. Yes I do take Aleve. It helps with the back and knee problems but it also helps with headaches brought on by allergies. And I've started to drink non caffeine teas. And I take warm showers, not hot. And I think the best thing I do for myself is to add fruits and veggies to my diet. I have not been a salad lover. But I finally discovered that I like the salads I get when I am out to eat. So instead of buying all of the salad stuff and spending big bucks on full heads of lettuce, etc., I go to Wendys or another place with good salads and buy them there. The salads at some restaurants will last me 2-4 days. A salad that I pay $6 for will have meat on it, and will easily be divided into smaller side salads and there is often chicken or some other meat that can be used in a lot of ways. That is how I view the expenditure. And for that money I am also getting the vitamins and antioxidants that I need to fight off colds and help fight the allergies. That is, then, a recommendation from me to anyone who has allergies.

The recommendation is to do what you can to reduce the allergies, including taking meds. And then to coddle yourself. For some reason, I am comforted by little extras in my life. A good cup of tea, a special bubble bath, or just getting rid of something that causes stress seems to help me ignore some discomforts from my allergies.