Friday, January 16, 2015

Smooth skin

We know that the aging process causes sagging, wrinkles, loss of strength, sometimes forgetfulness and a host of other things that creep in with the years. But, I have found that since my mind still sees me as young, and I have learned a lot, I'm now better than I ever was. No, I don't think smooth skin is a big loss. Yes, I do love looking at young beautiful women and men. But beauty isn't just smooth skin. It's self confidence, a thing a lot of young people don't have. It's wisdom, another thing a lot of young people don't have. And it's freedom. Freedom from being a slave to opinion, fashion, expectation, the need to fit in, etc. And boy am I glad I'm there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It should be fun!

Those of you who have lived a lot of years have probably been through a lot too. I know I have. And somewhere along the way I lost my sense of fun. I had some really bad times during the period of my divorce and I lost a lot. Especially my sense of self. I remember that my then boyfriend/fiance was into having a lot of fun. Fraternity things, trips to the mountains to play, a few parties, etc. But after marriage, things were increasingly getting serious. We had good friends, and did a lot. More of the he and his buddies went out and we wives were supposed to get  together and have fun. Right. The one I wanted to have fun with was out with the boys. Anyway, over the years, there were fewer good times and fewer fun times. I suppose you'll say that that is the way it is supposed to be. But I beg to differ. I just don't understand why fun can't be a part of every day life. I have heard that laughter is good for health. Luckily I'm fairly healthy without it. But I have found that fun doesn't just drop on the doorstep. You have to look for it, maybe even work at it. My life is as different now as it's possible to be. Instead of depending on my honey for fun, I'm on a mission to find it and embrace it myself.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stress, dammit

 I am 69, almost 70. I definitely qualify for the senior citizen discount. But there is a problem. I can't seem to get my mind to catch up with my years. I don't feel any older than I did 20 years ago. I use that limit because I can't remember back much farther than that. I've heard the statement that it would be nice to know what I know now and be 20. I can't imagine it. I think I'd be crazy.
 There is one thing that has changed about me since I've grown up(old). I don't want to wear the things I wore, think the things I thought, do the things I did, etc. I want to still be new.
The stress comes in when I try to do the new things and think the new thoughts, and dress a new way. But my (old) body won't do those things. Maybe that's why I am still alive. If I figure it all out, I won't need to hang around. If anyone has figured out why they still feel young, please let me know.

Monday, January 5, 2015

It needs a No Fear sticker

I am amazed by how little stupidity I'm willing to stomach. I've heard sayings like-Pick Your Battles-You Only Live Once. But day to day living turns out to be much more than a saying. I've felt as if I don't fit into whatever group I'm around all my life. Now I feel like I'm a group by myself. I've lived in a cliquish society here in the South. Debutantes and women's clubs and sororities and charitable organizations. When in high school we listed the activities in the yearbook. I don't know if there is a resume for those clubs but I suspect there is. Meanwhile I'm still reading and looking and watching to see 
where I fit. And I've made a couple of discoveries.

First. I don't need to fit. It's something I thought I must do. Wear the right clothes, go to some nice places, indulge myself in activities. But no! I can wear the clothes I like. I do like going to a nice place once in a while. And I'm in control of activities. I watch Downton Abbey, BBC and other shows on TV that show me how the other half live. I find that when I get up in the morning, I want to dress in a way that makes me feel like I look good-----to me. I want to lose some more weight-----for me.

Bette Davis said that old age is not for sissies. I think I am no longer a sissy.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ya Think?

I'll turn 70 this year. I've had some huge changes in the last year and I'm still going to have to deal with them. But I've also been able to let my thoughts wander some.

Skinny jeans can't be called skinny jeans if the person wearing them isn't skinny. Then they are just tight jeans.

I have had a large bust all of my adult life. I can't imaging putting a big thick bulky scarf around my neck. I'd never see the floor.

I'm going to get a hair cut today. I've been debating about what to do with my mop. I've seen some fashion sites where the models' hair actually looks like a mop. I suppose that, in an effort to look as if there has been no effort, there really has been no effort. I'd feel awful going out without combing my hair and I don't know why it's a good thing.

I've heard that leggings aren't pants. Works for me but why do a lot of young women not get that?

If you wear your jeans/pants below the waist, it makes you look as if you have a big waist. And if your belly, hips, or rear pooches out, you need to get a mirror.

There are uniforms. Tight jeans, boots, scarves, tops, big hair, statement necklace, and a MK bag. It seems everyone's gotta do it up to the age of 50. Sadly I think they should stop at 30.

What sort of statement is a statement necklace supposed to  make?

I read fashion books and magazines. I read about a signature look or a signature scent. I've discovered that having ADD is counter to the signature thing. I like change. If I'm in a bad mood I'll wear his cologne.

I have always been a fan of flats. I look like Frankenstein trying to walk in heels. And I have big feet. So the big clunky shoes shown by some of the designers turn me off. Remind me of KISS in the early days.

OK. For years I've been told and have heard that socks with sandals are something old people wear and that they look awful. I still believe it.

I'll be back soon with more on the older person's perspective on fashion.