Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There used to be

I loved the song California Dreamin. I could fantasize about being at the love-ins in San Francisco. I could just see long flowing hair and lithe bodies dancing with flowers in their hair.

And I used to dream about being gorgeous and well put together with money and great taste. Again, I would be beautiful like Angelina and have a lithe strong body that looked great in clothes.

Now I dream of seeing the grandkids, of making it upstairs with some of my breath left, of having a strong heart that just keeps going like the energizer bunny. And I look like the above photo.

Dreams are just that. Dreams. In order for them to come true it takes work. Go figure.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My foot

In an attempt to not put my foot into my mouth, I am going to state without reservation that not a single pair of this sort of shoe will ever enter my house. This is a promise. I think the crocs are probably comfortable and inexpensive but to me they are gardening shoes. The tennies are for 12 and under in my opinion. And my grandmother had the other shoes--- and wore them.