Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lots on the plate lately

I have been inducted into the group of folks who have spent time applying to the Social Security Administration for benefits. I found it interesting that they actually seemed fairly well organized and that they knew what they were doing. Anyway I had been told to apply on my former husband's number since I had been a stay at home mom and had a very spotty work record. I found I could apply before age 65 as long as he is 65. And I had to have been married to him for 10 years. I had that beat by 13 years. His wages were much higher than I have ever made and I will receive more benefits by using his earnings. At last I receive something from that union. At last.

Also I have been in the dentist office a lot lately. It seems teeth don't always age well even if you brush regularly. I am going to get a cantilever bridge made for my back tooth that was pulled. I thought cantilevers were only done on houses. OK I learned something.

My daughter and I are both doing the trying to lose weight thing. She is in Jacksonville and I am in Knoxville. So the phone is really going to get a workout. But I find myself much more dedicated to the diet because I will have someone to talk to about it and to answer to. I am such a nonstarter. Wish us luck!!!

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