Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love is where you find it

I love Spring. I love 60's and 70's music. I love trees. I love lakes, oceans, wind, dogs, cats, eating fish, colorful flowers, floral scents, green plants, mountains, streams, blue skies, the sounds of the ocean, learning, reading, making things, my children and grandchildren, my wonderful partner, big strong trucks, the 1961 E Jaguar convertible, the Volks bug convertible, finding a bargain, lots and lots of jewelry, handbags, shoes, good health, a beautiful smile(like Brian's), Forsythia, a ride in the country, going out to eat, having a good hair day, having a good day in general, my friends, and color, lots of color. I love being almost 65 years old. After all I am still alive to say it. I love being a mother. I love having lost 14 pounds. I love rain, in almost all forms. I love storms.

I love having a long list of things to enjoy in my life.

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