Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look your best-at any age


I am often torn about how I look. I don't remember a single time when I wasn't dissatisfied about my looks. From the time I was aware that there was more than one body style, fashion style, makeup style, etc, I have felt as if I were not doing something right. So I have decided as I prepare to turn 67 at my next birthday that I'll just try anything I want to do, wear, say, see, or feel. I've earned it.

I have a 41 year old significant other. He is a nice looking man who is more aware of the things I do than the way I look. Yep, I look old enough to be his mother. And I am old enough to be his mother. But I don't want to look old enough to be everyone's mother. So this post. I am suggesting a group of things that will be fun for me to try. And they will be useful for my self acceptance.

First. I need makeup. I have found that my skin has not weathered the vagaries of time very well. I have blotches, and splotches, brown spots and lumps and bumps. All on my face, chest, arms, legs, etc. Basically, anywhere the sun has touched. My excess weight has created folds and bulges. So now I'm back to makeup. Obviously I can't cover everything. But I think I can create a simple canvas. I've pored over the Advanced Style blog. I really envy women who have been able to extablish a style and enhance it all throughout their lives. Either my attention span is too short or I have listened to too many ugly messages. So, as an artist, I am approaching makeup as if I were a canvas. First I make myself look bland. Beige makeup to go with my pale eyes, brows, lashes, and hair. But I saw a woman on TV who has white hair with pinkish skin and she is beautiful. Once again I want to try things. But one step at a time. Beige skin. My eyes are often red and I am going to try to find a light eye pencil for the inner rim so I don't look so tired.

Makeup artists suggest pink lipsticks, pink blush, soft edges, etc for us older ladies. Well, if I look at fashionable older women, many still wear red lipstick, heavy eye makeup, etc. Tammy Faye Messner was one of my favorite women and she had a good sense of humor about her mascara fixation. I don't intend to emulate her but I have to say, her sense of comfort with herself is attractive to me. So I'll use some of the makeup tips from the makeup artists. And some things that just feel like fun to me.

I have also discovered that reminding myself of my blessings is a really good piece of makeup. The smiles of the pictured couple trump any makeup available. Happiness is the best revenge for a life of hardships. I don't think anyone can get to my age without hardships happening. Because of that I don't smile enough. I've never been a smiler. I don't know if it is inherited. Probably. But I think looking your best, at any age, has a lot to do with how hard you work to smile.


  1. I remember Tammy Faye being asked about her mascara. She simply said she loved it and that is why she used so much. :-)

  2. You gotta love make up when it accentuates the best part of your face... I only use Mascara and Eye-brow pencils.... but when I have a new zit or blotch then I use concealers and wow do they make a huge difference... Well done for changing things around to feel good about yourself... we all deserve to do that.

  3. Hi Judy,
    Hope this finds you well.
    I haven't scounted around my favorite blogs in several months and I lost interest in pinterest.
    So I've missed seeing you and visiting.
    About growing old gracefully: I always said I wanted to grow old like a graceful southern lady. Like Barbara Bush with her lovely white hair. BUT the middle age (crisis) awakening nipped that in the bud really quick like! I feel more like Weezer on Steel Magnolias :).
    I highlight my hair, I work hard at my weight and obsess over the 105 lb girl I was 34 years ago.
    But I am finally finding happiness and in the strangest places.
    It feels good.