Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I am a diabetic. I found out in May and I've been trying to come to terms with the needed changes to my life since then. Obviously the diet must change. And after I stopped eating all of the fatty sweets, my weight dropped a bit. But I have so much more to do. The easy part was dropping the fatty sweets. Every time I think blood sugar, blindness, losing legs and or feet, stroke, etc., sweets aren't nearly so sweet.

OK to the sweets I say gbye. But what do I eat? Being fat free usually means eating lots more carbs. But carbs raise blood sugar. Which is worse? Remember blindness etc. And now I'm battling chemicals. I need to raise my metabolism and exercise. Yuck. So I consulted a list of metabolism boosting foods. What a great idea. Except-----sweet potatoes, blueberries, yogurt,
apples, oats, lima beans are carb heavy. Avocado is high in fats. Lemon is not such a good idea by itself. Nor is cinnamon, ginger, or garlic. So now I must do what I have rarely ever done in my whole life. Plan meals and follow recipes. And oh yes, exercise.

That means I'm working at getting healthy. Slowly. We'll see how well this part goes.


  1. Judy,
    I think many of us struggle with making those conscious and disciplined lifestyle changes. I struggle with sweets....I can't seem to eat them even though my weight is 10 lbs above my max acceptable weight. Its not easy. I appreciate your post because its a reminder that we actually have to take care of our bodies in the same way we take care of our cars when they get older; high maintenance. Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to jump on the 'healthier lifestyle' train with you.

  2. When I pulled a muscle in my back and went to the emergency room, the doctor told me I was at the age that everything was going to start going wrong...and it has. But, a decent diet makes a world of difference.

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  4. Good for you Judy on making that effort on getting healthy.
    I have made the effort several times, but I am really hooked on sweets and sodas.
    I wish I had been taught to eat healthier....