Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh my, what can the matter be?

I went to the doctor and she told me to go to Weight Watchers. Not so much to lose weight, though that is part of it. I needed to go to connect with people and get out and make myself focus. Focus.

Have you had a hard time with focus? I do. At night when I'm waiting for sleep, I think of the most wonderful things I can do to lose weight, fix up the house, exercise, cook, etc. But by morning I can remember none of them. And I'm not sure if I'm forgetting them on purpose or what. By some miracle I had lost a few pounds when I weighed in this week. And it was not because of the  diet as much as that the fact of joining WW has made me more aware of what I am eating and my activity level. So I suppose the Doc was right. I did need WW.

When I went to the Doc, they took a bunch of my blood and tested it. My A1c level is really low and that is good for a diabetic. I'm anemic and finally found an iron that works for me. So I'm doing better. I had so little faith in myself. I'm still tired but my youngest child said it might be the Spring allergies. Well, that makes sense so today I'm off to the drug store for more allergy meds. I'm so glad Spring is here that I'll embrace the stuffy nose.

One lesson learned-more faith in myself.


  1. Sometimes small changes and trying new things work wonders.
    I went to a nutritionist almost against my will at the beginning of the year and now I think it was a positive step.

  2. After I had my surgery I went off Weight Watchers. It has been had to get back on track. I am going back to work this week and hoping being in a routine helps.

  3. My friend is doing Jenny Craig and says it's working for her, plus it takes some of the pressure off of cooking and preparing meals, etc. My problem is, I love to cook, so my favorite hobby is making me fat! My sister recommends extra vitamin D for focus and I'm trying that in the hopes that I'll feel less stabby on a daily basis when I step on the scale :-)