Friday, March 13, 2009

to do it right

I am now checking out websites that are geared to saving money. As I reach the age of maturity, whatever that is, I want to make sure I have enough money to enjoy the age of maturity, whatever that is. I am currently unemployed and not quite old enough for social security. So I have set myself a challenge. When I want to purchase an item, I think long and hard on it. And I do the prerequisite thinking process--do I need it? Can I afford it? How long will I use it? Why do I want it? Will it go with anything I have? And then I may buy it.

I have scoped the local cheapskate stores. Yes, you can get some deals at the local Dollar General, Marshalls, Ross, and others. Thrift stores and resale shops are good. We are talking about any number of items for personal use and my wardrobe. I have gotten a lead on the aforementioned websites and will review them and include the conclusion in the blog.

One more thing I am lucky to have is a sewing machine and there are wonderful clothes to be had for a song. Many need to be altered. I will be altering my body as much as possible with some exercises and diet. So I will need to be altering the clothes to fit. As the process goes on I will blog it.

For now, just look outside and be grateful that we can still learn new ways to enhance life.

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