Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lists Wednesday Favorite Artists

I have long considered myself an artist. But I would be hard put to come up with the favorite artist's name because I don't have one. At least not one of the type that sets up an easel and paints. So here are my favorite artists.

Jodi Creager and her husband create dolls and the worlds that they inhabit. They are able to just about make anything. And they have created a beautiful life together.

Marilyn Radzat is also a doll creator and takes my vision into a world of color and design that I could never imagine on my own.

Michelle Obama is a favorite of mine for her ability to see the most important tasks in the world and to point the way to their being done.

James Cameron takes me to worlds that I need to keep my life on track.

Cate Blanchett also takes me to other worlds and lives in them for my understanding.

My children create lives that I am in awe of. I often wonder where they have gotten their ability to see the world and to interpret it.

I believe that everyone is an artist in their own way. The blogs I read show me new artists every day.

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  1. Hey Judy
    Glad you joined !
    I like your input and view on artists.
    And I agree with you some bloggers are artists to be inspired by.