Monday, June 13, 2011

I went from too little to too much

I keep thinking there must be a happy medium in life. I have decided to quit looking for it however, because it is taking too much effort. My physical therapy at the Results Therapy Center has been a true life saver for me. I was looking at becoming a cripple in that I had a terrible time moving about. The knee had healed badly and my spine was the worst it has ever been. Constant misery. But I am happy to say that the trips to the therapy center and the work I have been doing is a huge help for me. I am moving about much more easily and am even more willing to get out and do things. I used to love to shop. But that was many years ago. Since I got a computer I had begun to shop almost totally online. But you know what happens then? No walking. No feeling items to see if they are what I really want. No trying anything on. And the shopping has resulted in a mound of money spent on things I really can't use.

Now I am getting out for short shopping trips. A run to the grocery store is a short shopping trip. But I am not ready for the after Thanksgiving madhouse. Now I am doing some stuff outside in spite of the really and truly hot weather we've had. Now instead of laying around, I'm sitting around. I am amazed at how the apathy and lack of stamina snuck up on me. My mother used to tell me that she had emphysema and I didn't believe her. Sure she had smoked for 54 years. But she was short of breath just walking to the kitchen. Now I've discovered that I was at least partially correct. I am short of breath after climbing the steps to the upstairs in my home. I find myself putting off trips up the stairs because of that. But it's good for me to go up stairs. I need to do more of it, not less. Or at least work toward a happy medium.

The problem of too little to too much is coming into play. I have a dental appointment today. Tues, Wed, and Fri I will go to the Physical Therapy sessions. All of these things are happening in the middle of my day. My energy levels are not such that I could put in a full day of activity yet. So when do I do the things I need to do? At home? Both inside and outside the house? The happy medium would be nice if I could just get there.


  1. Oh my, I can pretty much identify with everything you say here. If I didn't have to work, and believe me, I do so with great difficulty, I would be doing everything from home. Climbing the subways stairs now takes a number of rest stops in order to make it to the top. But reading your post today, I guess having to get out to work is what really does keep me going.

  2. I think small shopping trips are a good start.
    The idea of getting out of the house and moving the bones sounds good, specially if you are having good weather.

  3. You are such a wise woman, my dear friend.