Monday, June 17, 2013

It grows on me

Today I'm fighting off vertigo. I've had it on and off for about a week and the worst seems to have passed but I still swim sometimes and I don't know when I get up if I'll walk straight or not. I have allergies and it seems as if the weather is trying to kill me. One of my allergy problems is dampness. The weather has put us about 13 inches of rain ahead of schedule this year and my ears are stopped up sometimes and they just aren't good at holding me upright. I've tried just about everything that I have at home and the doctor prescribed more of what I had at home. I've just about gotten to a point where one more dizzy spell and I'll scream. Except that will cause a sore throat too. Damn.

I saw a list of things that having diabetes messes up and the inner ear wasn't on the list. However the list was fairly long so I've decided that I'm adding all those things to the things I've bitched about before now. And I'll probably come up with some more things. Life almost has become a roulette game. Spin the wheel and see what will be a problem today. It's just another day at the allergy table.

So I am going to give up grinning for bitching today. But tomorrow is another day. Hope yours is good.

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