Thursday, June 6, 2013

Looks can be deceiving

I have examined my face with a fine eye toward improvement. First idea for improvement is a "Lifestyle Lift". A face lift. I've joked about having someone just pull my  hair up and removing about 6 inches of skin. But my hair is the favorite thing of mine. I'd hate to lose it.

Then there are the creams and facials that are available. All claim to rid the user of wrinkles and to promote dewy youthful skin. And some cost as little as $6 a jar. The only requirement is that you use them.

I personally have a huge stash of creams. That I don't use. But at least none were much over 30 dollars. If I still had the money I'd be hundred's of dollars richer and I'd still look the same.

One of the people I'll never forget is my former and now passed away mother-in-law. She had baby fine skin with very few wrinkles. And yet as a teen she had to work outside in the sun with the rest of her family. Thank goodness she had the foresight to wear a hat. And her beauty regimen consisted of cleansing and moisturizing with basic Noxema. This lovely lady did not miss a day of taking care of her skin. She wasn't vain. There were no expensive make-ups, no state-of-the-art creams. There was constant care. A hat on a sunny day out was important. Good sunglasses. And cleansing and moisturizing. It worked. She looked younger than her years.

At the same time she didn't try to look younger. No short skirts. No hair dye. No jangling bracelets. This woman was an elegant older person. I'll always look up to her.

Now the picture of the cat. This cat is a hairless cat. Meant to be that way. On a cat, the hair can hide a lot of things. Like wrinkles. But this cat isn't hiding anything. I have seen many people who are so comfortable with their looks they go bare faced into the world every day. Most men do. However, I'm drawn toward the happy medium. I can't afford a facelift. So I have to start looking like the cat. And there isn't enough makeup in the world that I could trowel on and look 20. I have not cared for my skin like my lovely MIL. So I'm starting more like the cat.

Good healthy food, vitamins, exercise and self-care are advised for good health. They are also good for skin. I think that needs to be my route with a little help from makeup.

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