Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graceful today

Today I had some stomach issues. Basically a problem that can be worked out. But I was reading about some things that cause stomach issues and got onto some ads for weight loss. Wow, do those people think we are stupid. There was one that guaranteed I would be in bikini shape within 4 weeks by following a few simple rules. I would love to take them down for making a promise like that. It would take major surgery in which they graft another body to my head to make that happen.

Also, I read that if I take the advice of this or that diet doctor, I will lose many pounds in this year. See in the new year smaller. Liposuction won't do it, surgery won't do it but this pill will? I think not. And by buying a diet book I can make myself young and firm quickly. After all, the 29 year old did it. And now she can have kids!

If I eat spinach and broccoli I can bring my blood pressure down, avoid cancer, and lose lots of weight. Eating cinnamon and chili powder will help with the weight loss and stomach issues. Garlic can help the heart and Cheerios will help lower cholesterol. Drinking milk will keep bones healthy and an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Drinking apple cider vinegar every day cures stomach ailments. There is even a drug now on the market that helps you grow eyelashes, longer and darker. A side affect is that the skin around the eyes might turn brown, but who cares? Having long eyelashes is more important. There is a product called smart water. But the people advertising it don't appear particularly smart.

If you want to get up and go in the morning you can get your get up and go from an energy drink. Who needs coffee? It's only cheaper. If you get dehydrated, there are lots of sports drinks out there to choose from. If you jiggle, there are creams made by nearly every company to tighten and firm your skin. You can even hide from the sun with some of the creams. You can lower cholesterol with margerine substitute. Of course margerine is a substitute for butter which now seems to be better for us.

There is a non-fat milk that has been enhanced by adding milk solids, adding to the calories but not the fat. And just the other day I found myself looking at a fat free angel food cake. Of course there never was fat in angel food cake.

It seems we are being conditioned to solve any physical problem with food of one sort or another while being told to lose weight for bikini season. We were, at one time, told to take a pill for what ails you. Then they started listing side effects and people wanted more natural ways to solve the body problems. So I suppose the pills are out and foods with lots of additives are in. Aren't we lucky to live in such an enlightened age.

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