Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not growing old, and fumbling, and stumbling

This is my son. Isn't he cute. That is if a 6'3" father of two can be cute. John took after me in some ways that I will claim now whether he agrees or not. He is smart. I am smart, though I hide it well. John has always been one of the most curious persons I have ever known. So have I. John loves to learn. So do I. And John loves to have fun. With wife and daughters. Anyway he can. So do I. I thought that growing older would mean becoming mature. That meant becoming stodgy and extremely unhappy. No more fun. Boy was I wrong. I am having more fun and I am happier than I've ever been. Now my give a hoot factor is about at 0. If someone says something I don't like, oh well. If someone tries to put me down(ex)oh well. If I see a problem I can't fix, oh well. It will still be here tomorrow and I'll work on it then. I can use my God given intelligence. I can use the pragmatism that came from raising kids and from age. I can use my curiosity, creativity, or even my Scarlett O'Hara tomorrow. Anyway I think getting older is a hoot. Which is a good thing considering the alternative.

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