Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello out there.......

Are the days long enough? Or are they too long? I have returned from seeing the cutest grandson in the world and I don't, I repeat, I don't feel any older. I really love the idea that my grandson was born on my birthday. I had my son on my mother's birthday. Words can't express the giggle factor on that.

I'm so super glad everyone is healthy from the birthing process.

I'm super glad that my daughter is turning out to be a laid back, knowledgeable, loving, super parent. And my son-in-law is so super with the kids too.

I am loving the weather(cooler)this week. It's wonderful.

I am going to see Harry Potter today. I am also grateful that I'm able to insert some fantasy into my life. I think that I need it to help me forget the hard stuff.

I'm grateful for the companion of my life. He is a wonderful man and has made me happy.

I am grateful for the fact that I am OK with being 64.

Life is pretty super from my point of view.

Judy, out.

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