Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am an old dog

3 computers. We now have 3 computers. I can compute in 3 rooms in my house. Addiction you say? Lets not go there.

My computer #1 is the old one I have had for 6 years. You know, I wasn't aware that computers have a shorter life than dogs. Anyway, I began sharing the computer with my Very Significant Other last year when he discovered online gaming. And as slow as it was, online gaming just made a bad situation worse. He complained about the computer speed and he was right. So this year, after some financial luck, I was able to purchase a better computer. I had the old one put into the studio and the new one in the office. Then with an even better stroke of luck, I was able to get a laptop for a wonderful price. So I have 3 and one is purple.

I find myself doing more things to my house lately too. There are the wonderful end tables for the living room that I was able to purchase from Overstock. They came yesterday. In boxes. Unassembled. I read the instructions, followed them, and in no time I had new end tables. (actually, 3 sweaty hours later.) I found myself feeling lucky that my dad was an engineer and I was his only son. I am good at putting things together.

So here I am, at 64, having put together the newest pieces of furniture in the house and totally unable to reach my back anymore for patting. Sometimes an old dog doesn't have to learn new tricks. The old ones are fine.

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