Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back from the Brink

I almost gave up on Spring, on feeling good, on being well and happy. But I can look at yellow this year and grin, big.

I went to the knee Doctor and I am doing great. The surgery was a week ago. I'm happy.

There have been some personal issues regarding my emotional health and happiness that I had been eating to solve. I used the last few days of convalescence to try to find out solutions and I have made progress. I had a talk with my sig other and made my feelings known. He listened. Wow.

I got out some of the summer boxes today and found that some things I really wanted I got last year and didn't use. Yippee!!!

I really believe that I can change my life by just being more aware and not trying to cover my feelings.

I need to go now to plan some meals. G'day


  1. Oh, I eat to cover up my feelings and drown them. It is a double-edged sword isn't it? First, it doesn't work and second I have put on a lot of weight and am now unhealthy. *sigh*

  2. I eat to cover up feelings as well. When hubby was real sick years ago, I was eating a chocolate sundae with walnuts, chocolate syrup, and gobs of whipped cream every night. Now, I tend to eat from boredom.

  3. i eat and shop to avoid talking about certain issues.
    it's not healthy i know.

  4. Here's to no longer covering our feelings!

  5. I am the type of person who hides my feelings as well. I think it makes me look stronger, I dont want to seem weak....

    But anyhoo, I cant wait for summer!! Yellow, yellow, yellow! this color is def in my summer wishlist


  6. loving the yellow! and yes, my mom is a good shopper !

    <3 steffy
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