Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things that make me go "Huh?"

I read that gas will be 40 per cent higher this year. Will the oil company profits be 40 per cent higher too? Who keeps up with that sort of stuff? I want their phone number.

MSN has included Jennifer Anniston's dating status on it's front page along with world events. Am I missing something? In what way does someone's dating status matter in today's world.

As a person on Medicare, I am hearing about changes in the health care system with fear. The Repubs don't want to do away with tax breaks for the rich(themselves) but we can do away with Medicare. I again think I'm missing something.

I used to love looking at fashion mags. The beautiful clothes were like looking at art. Now I look at the "must haves" and I am appalled. A $450 handbag is a must have? A pair of skinny jeans? Has anyone looked around to see how many people can actually wear skinny jeans?

There is an ad on TV about plastic water bottles. I drink tap water. I don't buy plastic water bottles. If there are so many being purchased, why is there not more info on recycling them?

There are now enough awards shows for the acting community that if the money for their fancy dresses were spent on food, we could easily feed a third world country.

Why is there still a Bin Laden and Khadafy?

Any answers will be good to get.


  1. Why is there still Bin Laden and Khadafy indeed? This worlds vision of importance is so messed up. maybe because there are still evil dictators around people need to look to the bits of useless information to help cope? I really don't know. I wish more people would look to yoga, meditation and discussion. Maybe that would be a start.

  2. I am totally feeling the gas increase.... I am paying almost 5 bucks per gallon !
    Our society in general has lost touch with reality, seriously.
    It's like priorities have been inverted. The freezer is empty but people are walking around in 1000.00 USD shoes.
    They day i do that, please someone lock me up.