Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's a hard time

AllergiesI've had a hard time with the allergic season this Fall. I love Fall but there are times I'd just as soon skip the whole thing. I sometimes have trouble telling the difference between allergies and a cold. That is the way the allergies act in my body. I'm prone to being stopped up, coughing, sneezing, and being really tired. A cold right? Not necessarily. And if it's gone the next day, it must have been allergies.

In East Tennessee we have one of the allergy capitals of the world. I'm sure other folks think the same about their homes. But even the doctors here seem to think it's true. And I'm doing what I can to make it better. One of the things I can't do is drink orange juice(diabetes), use honey and lemon for the cough, and use a lot of antihistamines. My blood pressure is fine right now but it has been high and the best ones say to be careful.

So I'm into making myself feel better in other ways. Yes I do take Aleve. It helps with the back and knee problems but it also helps with headaches brought on by allergies. And I've started to drink non caffeine teas. And I take warm showers, not hot. And I think the best thing I do for myself is to add fruits and veggies to my diet. I have not been a salad lover. But I finally discovered that I like the salads I get when I am out to eat. So instead of buying all of the salad stuff and spending big bucks on full heads of lettuce, etc., I go to Wendys or another place with good salads and buy them there. The salads at some restaurants will last me 2-4 days. A salad that I pay $6 for will have meat on it, and will easily be divided into smaller side salads and there is often chicken or some other meat that can be used in a lot of ways. That is how I view the expenditure. And for that money I am also getting the vitamins and antioxidants that I need to fight off colds and help fight the allergies. That is, then, a recommendation from me to anyone who has allergies.

The recommendation is to do what you can to reduce the allergies, including taking meds. And then to coddle yourself. For some reason, I am comforted by little extras in my life. A good cup of tea, a special bubble bath, or just getting rid of something that causes stress seems to help me ignore some discomforts from my allergies.

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  1. I have allergies too. And I can never be sure if I have a cold or allergies. Either way you feel crappy.
    Good idea with the salads!