Friday, January 2, 2015

Ya Think?

I'll turn 70 this year. I've had some huge changes in the last year and I'm still going to have to deal with them. But I've also been able to let my thoughts wander some.

Skinny jeans can't be called skinny jeans if the person wearing them isn't skinny. Then they are just tight jeans.

I have had a large bust all of my adult life. I can't imaging putting a big thick bulky scarf around my neck. I'd never see the floor.

I'm going to get a hair cut today. I've been debating about what to do with my mop. I've seen some fashion sites where the models' hair actually looks like a mop. I suppose that, in an effort to look as if there has been no effort, there really has been no effort. I'd feel awful going out without combing my hair and I don't know why it's a good thing.

I've heard that leggings aren't pants. Works for me but why do a lot of young women not get that?

If you wear your jeans/pants below the waist, it makes you look as if you have a big waist. And if your belly, hips, or rear pooches out, you need to get a mirror.

There are uniforms. Tight jeans, boots, scarves, tops, big hair, statement necklace, and a MK bag. It seems everyone's gotta do it up to the age of 50. Sadly I think they should stop at 30.

What sort of statement is a statement necklace supposed to  make?

I read fashion books and magazines. I read about a signature look or a signature scent. I've discovered that having ADD is counter to the signature thing. I like change. If I'm in a bad mood I'll wear his cologne.

I have always been a fan of flats. I look like Frankenstein trying to walk in heels. And I have big feet. So the big clunky shoes shown by some of the designers turn me off. Remind me of KISS in the early days.

OK. For years I've been told and have heard that socks with sandals are something old people wear and that they look awful. I still believe it.

I'll be back soon with more on the older person's perspective on fashion.


  1. I will be 68 in two months. I haven't worn a pair of jeans in years. Hate anything tight around my waist. Love my pull-ons. This year I purchased some leggings and love them. So comfy. As for flats, I've always had weak ankles and have actually fallen on a leaf. So I have never worn heals. Getting my haircut again next Friday. It took me awhile to have it chopped off, but once I did, I love it. Happy New Year.

    1. I'll have to try the leggings. I have mostly slinky knits. I love the look of jeans but I have no patience for discomfort. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I didn't know you were 70. I have a question for you. My aunt is morbidly (hate that word) obese. She is 68. I thought bariatric surgery would not be an option because of her age. Was there any issues for you because of your age? (Not saying you are old! hee hee) I love my aunt with all my heart but I am just waiting for the phone call to say that she died. She has tried everything and I thought that even surgery would be out. How has it gone for you? How are you doing now?

    1. I was 68 when I had the surgery. I am actually only 69 now. It has been nowhere as difficult as I thought it would be. Age is absolutely not a problem. She should get information on the surgeries and check with her insurance company to get doctors covered. I'm sure you can find a good one online. My surgeon didn't care about my age. Just that I really wanted to better my life.

  3. We live in Canada where this type of surgery would be covered through our Universal Healthcare. I am very glad to know that she could be a candidate. do I bring it up? I will mull this over. She is a kind and gentle soul and deserves to live a long life. Right now she can't even really leave the house because her knees are so bad. Thank you so much for the information.