Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It should be fun!

Those of you who have lived a lot of years have probably been through a lot too. I know I have. And somewhere along the way I lost my sense of fun. I had some really bad times during the period of my divorce and I lost a lot. Especially my sense of self. I remember that my then boyfriend/fiance was into having a lot of fun. Fraternity things, trips to the mountains to play, a few parties, etc. But after marriage, things were increasingly getting serious. We had good friends, and did a lot. More of the he and his buddies went out and we wives were supposed to get  together and have fun. Right. The one I wanted to have fun with was out with the boys. Anyway, over the years, there were fewer good times and fewer fun times. I suppose you'll say that that is the way it is supposed to be. But I beg to differ. I just don't understand why fun can't be a part of every day life. I have heard that laughter is good for health. Luckily I'm fairly healthy without it. But I have found that fun doesn't just drop on the doorstep. You have to look for it, maybe even work at it. My life is as different now as it's possible to be. Instead of depending on my honey for fun, I'm on a mission to find it and embrace it myself.


  1. For as long as I can remember work was my life. Of course I had my hubby, but outside of the home, work was all I had. My co-workers were my friends (or so I thought) and whatever laughter we had there served as my leisure fun. It will be two years in July that I retired. When I first retired I was fearful of becoming a hermit and getting depressed from loneliness so I did research in the area and found a senior center. In doing so I have discovered exercise and art class and have made many friends. Now each day is full of fun and laughter.

    1. I think I might just try that. My health insurance company has a senior center. I'll check it out.