Friday, June 19, 2009

The Breath of Life

I am still 63 years old. Yesterday my X turned 65. I will be 63 for another 3 weeks. Every year we were married I made a big deal of that age difference. Now it is just not important.

I discovered that I would not be able to do 64 if I didn't change my ways. I have spent the last 20 years sitting most of the time. The job I had for half of that time was a sedentery job and I hated it so it also raised my blood pressure and caused a huge case of depression. So after being let go last September, I worked on stuff in the house that needed doing and thought I was doing better with the movement thing. However I discovered that I still had very little energy. Did the protein shake thing and added several pounds but no more energy.

Now. Being one of the laziest persons in the world, I figured that the extra 16 pounds I had gained would go away once the protein shakes went away. Yeah. I know. Dumb.

So I took stock. Bad back. Huge chest. Knees not so good. Breathing not good at all. And above all I hate, hate, hate to sweat. What to do. Well I finally figured it out. I am swimming laps at the YMCA in the morning at about 6. I started Tues and have been 3 times. I was able to swim about 16 lengths of the pool. I was so winded after each length that I was resting longer than the swim took. You can imagine me hanging onto the end of the pool gasping for breath and wondering what the heck I was thinking.

I had joined the YMCA. $67. And with the equipment and bathing suit, another $150. OMG. I have paid out half my life savings just to start this self abuse. So I will not quit. I did discover that taking a day off is a good thing. It was easier to breathe and swim today. Unfortunately there is a mirror that I have to walk past to get to the pool so that is another good reason to keep it up.

Now for the worst. Buying a new bathing suit is the worst thing in the world. Women make fun of the experience. I have found that they do that to keep from crying. I had to get a larger suit and I tried to get into some that were way too small. Dangitall. I hate swimsuits. But they won't let me swim naked.

I am now going to do a couple of things I haven't had the energy for. And I'm going to pat myself on the back!!!!!!!

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