Sunday, June 21, 2009


My daddy was a civil engineer. I say this first because he was first and foremost a man who was more comfortable with numbers than with people. He was a truly fine man who believed that anything worth doing was worth doing right. He loved to build things at home and as his only son(joke) I helped him. He taught me to appreciate history, classical music(but not opera) and sweet wine(1 small glass a week). On Sunday after church we had a nice meal, Mom read a book, and Dad listened to his music, had his one small glass of wine, read a book, and petted his mustache. He was not a talker.

There were times when Dad surprised me. Once we went riding in an old Willie's Jeep owned by his company. We went up and back down a ravine filled with boulders and when we got down I needed to potty and he was glowing with pleasure.

We got a boat when I was 18 and Dad proceeded to learn to water ski. Wow was I impressed.

Dad hated calculus.

Dad got his Masters Degree in Engineering at 40.

We went for a ride one slightly rainy Sunday when I was older and checked out the strip mining in Morgan County. I was sort of surprised at how much he hated to see the forests and rivers torn up. I've always been a tree hugger and I may have gotten it from him.

Dad made the best salad dressing ever. And Slaw.

Mom used to fry fatback to season greens with the grease and Dad and I would fight over the pieces.

We used to argue about Darwin, history, some politics, and democrats. I won't tell you more. You'll have to guess.

Dad was a very quiet Baptist.

Dad loved me.

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