Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello, again.

New roof is on. Crews are gone. Now my VSO and I stand outside and watch rain just to see it come down the downspouts. It pours out. It is such a beautiful sight. Of course, I have to wonder if it is worth the money. But when I think about the leaky bathroom and the mold that lives there now, I begin to appreciate the roof. And the temp is supposed to be 90 this week for more than one day. In fact the weather has been quite hot and muggy already this week. So I suppose it's time to appreciate 18 inches of insulation. The entrance to the attic is in a closet in the studio. And the workman insulated the door so now even the studio will be cooler. The best thing to me is the cooler. I even went so far as to choose a light color of roof tile. Good for the environment you know.

OK. Now that the roof is done, the windows look dingy and I think they need painted and washed. I just now am beginning to understand why I need a new outfit when I have purchased a new pair of shoes or a handbag. It makes the other things in my closet look just a little bit worn or out of date. Of course with my infinite fashion sense, I can always go out and get another black pair of pants or top. After all, black goes with everything but 90 degrees. And now that my house has a new crowning glory, I think the landscape and paint look like they need help. So in the fall when it cools off, landscape and paint will be a priority. You couldn't catch me working in the yard in drippy sweat weather.

So what to do now? There is always a new pair of shoes or handbag!

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